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Dear Friends of the Olsen Gang.

Who does not know the cult comedy-thriller from Denmark?
There are already lots of pages about the plot of the film, but hardly a shot where they were.
After I have been for several years my regular pilgrimages to Copenhagen execute, I have now decided to create these pages. At the outset I will say that this is a website by a fan for fans, which has no commercial purposes.
I want to show here, where the respective scenes were filmed and how awesome Erik Balling and his team have selected places. When you consider that the films have a good thirty years, were shot, one is surprised at how little some things have changed, others are only with detective intuition to discover.

All the pictures I have photographed themselves, where this is not the case, I source of information. The dissemination of the photos, I only if both I or my website as the source. The webpages may be under the legal options to other parties, under the prerequisite of source and that they have not been changed. Commercial distribution, etc. I concur in principle.
With kind permission of rights holders, it is now possible to me, some Part of photographs from the films to be used.
Unfortunately, their number is limited.


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